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Hi, everyone! We are a trio of High School Juniors based in Jakarta, Indonesia. At some point in your lives, you might find yourself asking these three questions:

So the next time you have an extra pack of diapers laying around, you can visit our website, and perhaps an orphanage would have listed a requirement for one or two packs of diapers.

It's a quick win-win solution: you get to discard your unused pack of diapers, and give them to someone who actually needs it.

Image by Yannis H

"Where can I donate this item for someone who needs it?"

"Who actually needs these donations?"

"What items do these people need?".

Our website offers a platform for orphanagesold folks' homes, or other foundations 

to post whatever resources they are lacking.



Cintana Yingwattanathaworn

Cintana has a strong passion for graphic design which can be seen in the design of this website. Through kasihdonasi.id, she believes that this platform can provide an easier access to the idea of giving and donating.

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Nadya Annabelle Lumy

Nadya finds great interest in creating ways to make little things in people's lives easier, whether that be discovering life hacks, or like in this case, the simple act of giving. Through kasihdonasi.id, Nadya hopes that everyone will find it easier to develop the habit of giving back to the community.

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Putri Aimee Srijaya


Putri finds her passions in finding connections, whether it be from literature or oration. That being said, she is beyond excited to be able to find a new connection through kasihdonasi.id. Putri hopes that this can bridge the less fortunate with those who have giving hearts.

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